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      As of Monday, December 9th we will be making a slight change in our bus loading procedure due to construction of the FEMA shelter.  Beginning on that date, we will be loading our buses in front of the red brick building on Public Avenue.  This is the exact same place we unload each morning.

      Therefore, I want to reemphasize the importance of using circle drives to pick up students who are not walkers.  Please do not have your students meet you in front of the red brick building because traffic will become congested and will pose a safety concern.  Parking along the curb in front of the red brick building is prohibited since our buses will be lining up in that area.

      Students who are walkers will be held in the North Gym until all buses have departed the campus.  Therefore, these students will be leaving a few minutes later each afternoon so that we can better guarantee their safety.

      Please note that this is a temporary change and we will once again use the bus lane once we get clearance from our construction company. 

      Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our school and its great students.

 Mr. Benjy Fenske, Principal

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Preparing for a New School Year

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While students and teachers are counting down their final days and hours of ‘freedom’, the support staff of Clever R-V Schools are busily getting the final touches in place for a great year.   The hallways and classrooms have shiny floors, the bus routes are being finalized and there is an aire of expectancy throughout!  We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning!  See you Monday, August 12th.

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