Here is the sign-up sheet for this week. It is a very busy week with HS going to State on Wednesday so times are limited. We are down to only two weeks till SWCL.

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We are in need of some student help to stuff the envelopes for the Car Show mailer at 6:30 pm on Monday night during the Band Booster meeting. We have approx. 700 mailers to prepare so many students are needed to complete the task. No need to respond to this post, just show up. It will take approx. 60-90 mins to finish if we have enough students. Thanks in advance for the help!

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2014 Car & Truck Show flyer print

Please share this flyer with as many people as you can! This is a fundraiser for the Band Program and any help is much appreciated!

Work schedules will be coming out soon for the event.

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The monthly Band Booster meeting will be held in the HS Band Room at 6:30 pm on Monday, April 14.

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Attached is the Bus schedule and large ensemble performance times for SWCL Music Festival for the 5-8th grade groups on April 26. Students were given this schedule on Thursday and asked to take it home and show their parents, have you seen this yet?

The Solo & Small ensemble schedule will be available on Tuesday, I am still working out all of the times for the 63 solos/ensembles.

SWCL Music Contest bus schedule 14 MS Galena

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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April 16 HS Concert Band state 2014 trip sheet

Attached is the trip sheet for High School State large ensemble festival on April 16 at Willard HS. All times are during the school day. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Michael Wright

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Here is next weeks schedule for before and after school practice times. Next week is our last full week of school before SWCL on April 26.

Follow the link for the calendar:

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Hello all,

From now until SWCL Music Festival (April 26), I will have times available for kids to get extra practice on their solo and/or small ensemble. I would like to see them at least once before the Festival to make sure they are on the right track for their performance. Below is a link to the calendar for this week, which is in Google spreadsheet form. You will not be able to edit the document, but you can select a time slot and create a comment. In the comment, put the student’s name and solo or ensemble in the space. If you cannot comment, you can email me or post a comment on the blog here. I will be updating this sheet throughout the day when the kids sign-up for times and that will change for everyone to see with the link. All of the times blacked-out are not available this week. My calendar will change from week to week so I will update calendars on a weekly basis.

Click here for the Calendar of this week (March 31-April 4)

Thank you for your help in trying to implement a different way of scheduling!


Michael Wright


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Hello All,

16 High School Band students traveled to Hollister last night for District Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. Each entry was judged on fundamental technique and musical effect for their selected piece of music. The receive a rating from a judge to earn a possibility for a district medal and/or a chance to go to the state level. I am very proud of all of the students for their hard work they put in over the last several weeks to prepare. Here are the results

Saxophone Quartet:       3 rating                 Reanna Wilson(12), Shawn Tate(10), Ireland Clark(9), Colton Pemberton(12)

Woodwind Trio:                3 rating                 Alathia Keith(9), Ireland Clark(9), Haley Butler(9)

Brass Sextet:                      2 rating *District Medal*              Josh Jones(11), Ben Keith(10), Kennedy Means(11), Greg Walden(11), Colton Hatfield(11), Jared Thompson(11)

Trumpet Solo:                   2 rating *District Medal*              Josh Jones(11)

Trumpet Solo:                   2 rating *District Medal*              Jamie Lewellen(12)

Flute Solo:                           2 rating *District Medal*              Kaylie Stewart(9)

Bass Clarinet Solo:           2 rating *District Medal*              Haley Butler(9)

STATE Bound Students –

Baritone Solo:                    1 rating *District Medal – State Bound*                Colton Hatfield(11)

Piano Solo:                          1 rating *District Medal – State Bound*                Audra Addision(9)

Flute Solo:                           1 rating *District Medal – State Bound*                Amelia Curtis(9)

Clarinet Solo:                     1 rating *District Medal – State Bound*                Ireland Clark(9)

Please help me congratulate these fine musicians on a job well done! It has been 4 years since we have had more than one state entry and look at all those freshman!

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6-8 Jazz will be Friday this week, not Monday

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